Thursday, April 18, 2013

Message from the president of A.L.P.O.A.

1) all of you should have gotten our newsletter which has this years application on the last page.. Please fill them out soon and send them in.. if you did not get a newsletter or you need one you can download one from , or email me
2) the swim lesson sign-ups on june 1st will be held at the old andover firehouse..10am for members, 11am for non-members
3) there is an event calendar in our newsletter for the beach.. for those who want to have a beach party, please call to reserve prior to that day. Remember  as members you are only allowed up to 5 guests- any more would constitute a party and thus a charge....we request this so we can adequately staff the beach.. Its very difficult to bring in guards at the last minute.
4)we also have a facebook page ..please join and get updates.
5) ALMA wants me to remind all of you to wash down your boats if you take them to some other water source before bringing them back to our lake, put your stickers on when you use  your boats in the lake and give a note if you let a friend use your boats, This is protection as each year we have at least 3 members who have had their boats taken or destroyed
6).clean-up day is May 18th.. bring the kids, rakes, gloves.. we'll all work together.
7)lastly, we had a great deal of vandalization this past winter.. we will need to build a life guard chair, repair the roof and put up new bulletin boards. If anyone is handy as a carpenter and can volunteer to help us ..we would be so appreciative.. please call Paul Charbonneau 860 -742-7144... .

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