Sunday, June 30, 2013

Suspected vandilism causes malfuction of main control valve

The lake level is currently down approximately 7" from the usual summer level due to a valve malfuction.

During recent heavy rains in June the main valve was opened for flooding control.  A few days later when it was time to close it would not operate. Two large pieces of concrete were stuck in the valve at the dam, and the valve would not close. These pieces of concrete were originally along the shore but had been carried out on the pier and dropped into the water in front of the valve.  When the valve was opened they were drawn into the valve causing the malfunction.  It is unclear if this was done purposely or simply for breaking ice in the winter for sport.

ALMA officers inspected the valve with our underwater camera and determined the problem, but were unable to clear the concrete pieces from the opening.  We knew we would need divers and thought that the Tolland County Dive team might be able to assist.

For two evenings ALMA officers and the dive team attempted to free the blockage using prybars, poles, pneumatic air hammers, and finally chains and a come-a-Long.

Thanks to the valiant and ingenious efforts of the Tolland County Dive team working with members of ALMA, the valve is now closed. The lake level should rise with additional rain which is forecast over the next week.

Vandilism is a large expense and use of time for ALPOA and ALMA.  Over the past winter vandilism cost was over $600 in materials and equipment cost and 5 days of volunteer manhours.  The valve malfuction could have easily exceeded $10,000 in cost to hire a commercial dive company to correct the problem.

Residents and members should watch for activity that could have the potential of causing damage to the lake facilities and immediately call security or a board member or the State Police if appropriate. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beach is open

Beach is open weekends, weather permitting, from 11 am to 8 pm.
As of June Wedesday June 19 the beach will open every day.
You will be signed in at the gate this year so be sure to bring your ALPOA membership card.

Swim lesson space still availible

If you missed the swim lesson sign up space is still availible in many levels.  Either go to the beach and speak with head life guard Pat Stratton or call the beach phone and leave a message.
The beach phone number is 860-742-5314

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Annual Andover Lake Spring Litter Walk

Once again residents in the Andover Lake neighborhood will be conducting their annual “Spring Litter Walk” to collect all that winter litter from the roadside around Andover Lake. Lake community residents will meet on Saturday, April 27 at 9:00am at the Andover Lake dam off Lakeview Drive.. The group will split into two groups that will walk and pick up litter along the roadway to the ALPOA Beach. One group will walk the west side of the lake and the other the east side. The groups will be met at the beach by a truck and driver that will haul away the day’s collection of litter to the local transfer station.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the group. Bring a plastic bag and gloves and join your neighbors for your daily exercise and a frie...ndly chat. A rain date has been set for Sunday, April 28th, same time – same place.

The Andover Lake Litter Walk event started several years ago in support of the “Adopt a Road Program” sponsored by Andover Conservation Commission, and it has now become an annual event.

Message from the president of A.L.P.O.A.

1) all of you should have gotten our newsletter which has this years application on the last page.. Please fill them out soon and send them in.. if you did not get a newsletter or you need one you can download one from , or email me
2) the swim lesson sign-ups on june 1st will be held at the old andover firehouse..10am for members, 11am for non-members
3) there is an event calendar in our newsletter for the beach.. for those who want to have a beach party, please call to reserve prior to that day. Remember  as members you are only allowed up to 5 guests- any more would constitute a party and thus a charge....we request this so we can adequately staff the beach.. Its very difficult to bring in guards at the last minute.
4)we also have a facebook page ..please join and get updates.
5) ALMA wants me to remind all of you to wash down your boats if you take them to some other water source before bringing them back to our lake, put your stickers on when you use  your boats in the lake and give a note if you let a friend use your boats, This is protection as each year we have at least 3 members who have had their boats taken or destroyed
6).clean-up day is May 18th.. bring the kids, rakes, gloves.. we'll all work together.
7)lastly, we had a great deal of vandalization this past winter.. we will need to build a life guard chair, repair the roof and put up new bulletin boards. If anyone is handy as a carpenter and can volunteer to help us ..we would be so appreciative.. please call Paul Charbonneau 860 -742-7144... .

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beach Cleanup Planned

Come on by May 18th at 9:30am to help prepare the beach for opening day. We'll be constructing new lifeguard chairs, putting new carpet on the dock, putting the buoys and ropes out, sweeping sand and cleaning the guard house.

Bring your gloves, rakes, string trimmers, tarps and sunscreen. We need lots of people to make this a success. ALPOA volunteers rock! Post here to let each other know you'll be there.

Membership fees are due

2013 ALPOA memberships are due April 30 to avoid late fees. Download the form from the ALPOA website . Remember to sign the form before mailing.