Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ALPOA initiation fee: the reason

From ALPOA president Naida Arcenas:

Many people have questioned why a new membership is so much more expensive than a regular membership. The reason is that 20 years ago when the Dam needed replacing, there was not enough money saved. All members were assessed a $200 additional one-time fee to pay for repairs on the dam. ALMA also sold off many of its properties to raise money, and it was determined that we needed in the future to continue to assess each new membership this same one-time fee and invest this money in case the Dam needs additional work or replacing. We additionally, try to set aside money yearly to this fund for future dam repairs or other lake needs in case we have water or weed issues. ALPOA decided 8 years ago to lower the amount to $150 as it was too expensive an amount for new families. We at ALMA and ALPOA continue to strive to maintain the lake while trying to keep costs down.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BYOB: Bleach your own boat!

Now that the boating season is starting, remember to bleach your boat. We pride ourselves in the pristine state of the lake, and in particular in the lack of invasive weeds. Two-thirds of the lakes in Connecticut have been taken over by such weeds, and we do not want to add Andover Lake to the list! Thus, whenever your boat touched other waters, bleach it before bringing it back to Andover Lake.

For the same reason, no pumping of lake water is allowed, except in emergency situations (fire). Pumps need priming, which sends foreign water into the lake, potentially bringing new weeds. As previously reported, this also applies to State trucks...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fishing Regulations for Andover Lake

Just a friendly reminder to anyone planning to fish in Andover Lake. Although Andover Lake is a private lake open only to ALPOA members this does not exclude it from CT State laws and regulations for fishing and boating. A few regulations include; - Everyone over 16 years old must have a CT fishing license. Available at the Town Clerks office or on-line at the DEP Website for $20. - No motors of any type allowed [this includes electric motors and gas powered ice fishing augers].

- A life jacket (PFD) must be worn by EVERYONE in a canoe or kayak from October 1st until May 31st. [Children under 12 MUST wear one WHENEVER they are in a moving boat].

- Fishing is allowed year-round on Andover Lake [24/7 no closed season applies].

- Chain Pickerel under 15 inches long as well as Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass under 12 inches must be returned unharmed and no more than 6 Bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth or combination of) or 6 Chain Pickerel may be kept in one day.

- It is illegal to transfer any fish from one body of water to another.

- Feeder stream into and out of Andover Lake are closed to all fishing from March 1st until April 18th. The fine for fishing without a license is $77 and $154 fine (each count) for keeping under size fish or exceeding daily limit. The complete Angler’s Guide can be found on line at or call 424-FISH for answers to any fishing related question. DEP Conservation Officers do patrol Andover Lake from time to time. Life Jacket (PFD) violations are the most common violation.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CT Lake Living Website

Here’s a website you might find fun to peruse… CT Lake Living. It’s a listing of waterfront properties for sale and includes in come cases virtual tours of the property.