Sunday, April 17, 2011


Many residents have noticed that they are unable to access forms through the Andover Lake website. I suspect this is because they access the website through their “favorites list” and since the website was modified in some manner at the end of last year…. if you access it from a list that you have saved previously you are going to the old web site which appears the same. Most favorites or other hyperlinks that have been saved since last year including the official town web site take you to site “ . This is the wrong web site, the correct site is CORRECTION: Go to your web browser and go to your “favorites” list. Delete the Andover Lake Homepage. Delete any hyperlinks you use from any other location. Go to your web browser and type in and the correct site will appear. Now save it again as one of your “favorites”. OR From this blog. Go to “Andover Lake Links” in the right hand column, click on “Andover Lake Property Owners Association ALPOA”. This will take you to the correct website. Now you can save it in your favorites. :)

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